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60 Hole Labyrinth - 2634

60 Hole Labyrinth - 2634

Item # SW-2634
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60 Hole Labyrinth - 2634

Sunnywood's classic style board games are not built as toys, but as quality deluxe style luggage.  Manufactured from quality materials and superior craftsmanship, they provide years of enjoyment and masterful play.  As one of the oldest and most enduring games played, backgammon popularity has never diminished.  The intricacies of this game provide endless hours of enjoyment for the novice or proficient player.

This wooden 60 hole labyrinth is built to pass German standards. It boasts a smooth mechanism with rigid and perfectly angled bottom. Comes with extra steel ball. Hours of pleasure and challenge.

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60 Hole Labyrinth - 2634