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Doggie Dooley 3500 Pet Toilet Waste System

Doggie Dooley 3500 Pet Toilet Waste System

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Doggie Dooley 3500 Pet Toilet Waste System

Doggy Dooley digesters install in the ground to provide quick easy cleanup of your doggies waste.   It works like a home septic system by using enzyme and bacteria action to turn pet waste into a ground absorbing liquid that is environmentally friendly. Just drop in waste, and add water and digester and wait for the digester to work.   Works for most soils except non draining hard soil and clay.   The Digester Powder is a non-toxic, harmless mixture designed especially for pet waste.

The Doggie Dooley 3500 is a Heavy-duty, pyramid shaped, durable molded plastic that won't fade, split, or discolor.  Slightly larger than our  Model 2000.  It has a unique open-bottom system that has no need for separate overflow device.  Designed to set into the ground with only the  8 inch square lid exposed. Handy foot operated lid opening lever.  Includes the complete system required for optimal performance.

Never suffer through the messy clean up and dealing with odors again!  With the new Doggie Dooley systems you won't have to. Simply place the elimination in the in-ground Doggie Dooley.  Let Doggie Dooley do the rest as the fast acting chemicals break the waste down reducing dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid.


  • Convenient & sanitary
  • Odorless & insect free
  • Galvanized Steel Pail Shaped Digester
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Cover with Foot Operated Lid Opener
  • Unique open bottom system that has no need for separate overflow device
  • Rate of digestion depends upon temperature. Digestive action starts at 40 degrees F and increases as the temperature rises.
  • Harmless to pets, lawns, & shrubbery
  • Works well in all soil conditions except hard clay and heavy sand
  • Comes completely assembled
  • For up to 2 pets
  • Dimensions: 16" deep x 17-1/2" wide (8 inch Lid)


Your Package Includes:

  • 3500 Large Doggie Dooley Toilet: Up to 2 Pets
  • 3116 6 Month Supply of Digestive Powder
  • 2575 The Grabber Dooley Doo Scoop


Installation Details:

Models 3500 & 3800 - pyramid-style models require digging a 20" x 20" square hole. Depth is 14" for Model 3500 and 23" deep for Model 3800. Unlike the "holding tank" pail-style models, the pyramid-style Dooley's drain directly into the ground. Maintenance requires adding 5 gallons of water 2 times a week. Note: You can extend the capacity of the smaller 3500 unit by digging a 10" diameter by 12" deep hole in the center of the 20" x 20" x 14" hole. For multi-pet households, the 3800 has an expansion kit which extends the bottom of the unit and requires a deeper hole.

Digestive action will start at 40° F and increases as the temperature rises. When temperatures drop below 40° you will want to discontinue use of the unit (or you can add hot water once a day every day until the outside temperatures rise above 40°).   When it warms up again, simply re-start the unit as in the beginning (adding water, stool, and digestive powder).

Best Soil:  For Maximum results do not install in poorly draining soil.  This system will not work in soil with gravel and heavy clay content. To check for proper drainage, add 5 gallons of water after digging the hole. If the water drains completely in 48 hours, the unit should work properly.

Water Clarity:  If your water contains high levels of Chlorine this could slow or disable the digestive process of your Doggie Dooley waste system.  Solutions: Use Distilled water or leave a pail of water in the sun, doing this will evaporate the chlorine. This could take from 1-2 hours, or up to an entire day if the chlorine levels are  very high.



About Doggie Dooley:

Doggie Dooley has been Keeping America’s yards clean and sanitary since 1968.  Manufacturers of the Doggie Dooley Pet Compost Systems for the environmentally friendly disposal of your pets waste.  The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System works like a miniature septic tank, utilizing natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to reduce dog waste to a ground absorbed liquid.

Doggie Dooley 3500 Pet Toilet Waste System

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Doggie Dooley 3500 Pet Toilet Waste System